Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quick Update

So Jordan and I may begin managing a coffee shop on the weekends to boost business. You've probably heard of Notes in Washington (its only like 30 minutes away)... Jordan plays there occasionally and we think that we could really help them out. We'd need the help of friends though. We need some art to put up in there... we could put prices on them and customers could buy them. Here are my other ideas. Tell me things that would really draw you into a coffee shop or things that you think would not work so well.

Create menu board - expensive drinks high lighted
Frequent customer cards
Menus (laminate and leave in store - no take out menus)
Bulletin board for ads & cards
Wireless (eventually)
Music in the Streets (every 3rd sunday)
Karaoke Nights
Open Mic Night (once a month)- $10 for entering artists, 3 judges, $3 cover charge - get tickets that give them $.50 off of a drink, winner gets a portion of the pot
Halo tournaments- also charge $10 to enter and winner gets a portion of the pot
More seating (inside & outside) account for a calendar - make a mailing list for customers
website w/ photo album & calendar
have games on book shelf
-card games
-board games
cards with trivia questions (laminated) on each table
advertise to local churches and have them book events


  1. I think your ideas sound good. . .I would love to come and hang out one night!!

  2. These are great ideas! I would love to help out in some way if I could. Let's chat sometime and see how I might be able to help :)