Sunday, September 28, 2008

Current Thoughts & Struggles

I'm listening to Shane & Shane. I love their music. It always makes me feel better. I remember blasting it when I had just gotten my car. I loved it.

Anyways, Jordan is playing at Notes tonight. I had to stay home to:
Clean the living room
Write a five page paper on the interview that I did with Amanda :)
Prepare a presentation for Tuesday
Study for my midterm on 9 chapters that I have not read for my art class

I am so stressed right now. Please pray for me. I got myself into this hard spot - I should have been reading all along, but now I am freaking out.

I need to get more sleep. It's so hard to stay sane and function without sleep. Any good tips on how to make sure you get to bed early? I've been saying that I needed to all week but I haven't made it happen.

Also, I've been having a LOT of wrist pain in the past two weeks. Any ideas on how to make it feel better? I feel like it may be involved with all of the typing I've had to do lately. Owww.

Has anyone seen Mama Mia? My mom told me that it was great, but I have never seen it.

Jordan and I had a good weekend visiting family. I saw Nanny, Grandaddy and my cousins April (who's my age) and Kenny (who's a couple years younger than me). We also saw a lot of Jordan's family. He had such a good time with his sister. I'm so happy he got to see her. He misses his family so much.

Please keep Jordan in your prayers as well. He is very tired and stressed out right now with everything that is going on at Casual Male. He had a really busy week last week, a full weekend with going out of town and officiating a wedding, a busy day today with church, choir, and playing at notes, and next week, he has to work 52 HOURS!!! on top of all of his church work. I hope he can do this... Lord, please prepare him for this week and help him to get as much rest as he needs.

This song has been on my mind. It's beautiful.

White as Snow
Jon Foreman

Have mercy on me, oh God 
According to Your unfailing love 
According to Your great compassion 
Blot out my transgressions 

Create in me a clean heart, oh God 
Restore in me the joy of Your salvation 

The sacrifices of our God are a broken and a contrite heart 
Against You and You alone have I sinned 

Would You create in me a clean heart, oh God 
Restore in me the joy of my salvation 

Wash me white as snow 
And I will be made whole 
Wash me white as snow 
And I will be made whole

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So I haven't posted lately because life is CRAZY!
I had a wonderful and relaxing trip to PA with my family and I loved getting to play with my nephew. It was just awesome. But now, it's back to everyday life. The house is a WRECK! Assignments are creeping up on me and I have like 4 due tomorrow that I haven't finished! So, today will be busy.

Weight Watchers Update!
Jordan lost 2 lbs this week so he is down
8.8 pounds :)

I lost 1 lb this week so I am down 
2.6 pounds.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today, I had a great day. It was beautiful outside, I babysat a really sweet girl and made a nice chunk of change, and I was granted residency at ECU. This means that I get FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS back in loans. This is great news and definitely an answered prayer. 

I'm surprised at myself. I haven't missed one class or been tardy yet (except for once and it wasn't my fault). I have turned in all of my assignments early or on time and I have not forgotten an assignment yet. WHOO HOO!! I do need to actually read though. Some exams are coming up in the next couple weeks.

I love my life.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Money sucks. Our financial situation is ridiculous. I wish I had a really lucrative job but for now, I'm just a student. I PAY to work. Crazy. Does anyone know of any odd jobs I can pick up? Anyone need a babysitter? 

Jordan's WW Success

Jordan has lost 6.8 pounds this week! GO JORDAN!

I went to my second meeting!

I really like the meetings for WW. They are very encouraging and informative. 

Officially, I have lost 1.2 pounds. 

It isn't as much as I had hoped but it has only been a week! It will just keep getting better.

This weekend I will be going to Pennsylvania (without Jordan :( ) to visit with my dad, sister, brother in law, nephew, and my grandparents and possibly aunts, uncles, and cousins. I'm excited especially to spend some time with Wyatt. He is so sweet. I haven't gotten to see him since he's been speaking in sentences so I'm excited.

I need to exercise tonight but I can't because I have to study for my PSYC exam tomorrow :( Oh well, I will be getting a lot of exercise tomorrow.

My cold is still here! It's moved from hurting my throat to stuffing up my nose and I have been sneezing all day and sounding really stuffy. I don't like being sick.

Hope everyone had a good day today!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weight Watchers

So far, it is working. I have lost 3.5 pounds since Monday night when I was weighed at the meeting. It is surprisingly easy. I am so proud of Jordan for committing to this too. He really is going at it with full force, giving his 110%. He's eating healthy and walking 30 minutes everyday. I LOVE MY HUSBAND!! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upper Respiratory Infection

So I've felt like crap the past few days... postnasal drip, sore throat, hard to swallow, exausted, ear aches... I didn't think that they could treat me but I went to the doctor anyway just to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. The doctor said it was and Upper Respiratory Infection and I just have to go buy a cold medicine from the drug store. That was a little disappointing. But she said it should be over in a few days. 

The good news? My doctors appt. was free because I went to Student Health Services. I had no clue they were free there!

The bad news? I won't get much rest between school and babysitting. I still have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning and I have a few assignments to work on tonight. Yuck.

I have my first exam next week. I'm scared. I have to read 3 whole chapters in my PSYC book before next Tuesday and know what is covered in those chapters.

I have a few cool assignments this semester:
  • Research project for PSYC - I chose to research prenatal nutrition and meal planning. I have to make a seven day menu for a pregnant woman and research the things that she should be eating. I have to present a powerpoint in class on this subject.
  • Research project for my Special Education class - I have to watch a movie about someone with a disability and present the information about the disability that I saw to the class.
  • Another research project for SPED - Research Autism with my group of four other people and teach our class about it using a powerpoint presentation.
Well I should go work on one of the five assignments due in the next week. Does anyone know how to set your blog so it notifies you when someone makes a comment? It's hard to keep track of the ones I've seen and the ones that I haven't. I knew how to do it on xanga.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Watching My Weight

Jordan and I went to our first weight watchers meeting and then went grocery shopping. Jordan's mom was very successful with it and we are hoping that we will be too. We have both been making a conscious effort to exercise. Jordan has been walking every morning for 30 minutes and I have been doing random things including my aerobics/Self Defense class. I really hope this lasts. We need to get healthy. Bottom line. Anyone want to join us?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Awesome Labor Day

I had today off! I wasn't expecting to but I talked to the family that I babysit for and they were like "Oh, yeah. We're both off work so you don't have to come." So I was really excited to find that out (even if it does mean less income). 

So here's how today went:

Slept in til 9ish
Watched the last two episodes of House Season 4 - IT WAS AMAZING! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Read a chapter out of my SPED book and my ELEM book.
My best friend in VA decided to call me randomly and say Hey... that made me happy!
Went to Notes to chat with Marc about being Jordan's manager for his gigging and whatnot. (which is really exciting)
We went to Jersey Mikes for a snack and got a free sandwich thanks to a friend at church who gave us a filled up frequent buyer card.
We went to the Pittman's for dinner. We had delicious cheeseburgers and CHEESE CAKE!! Mmmm. And we had so much fun just talking with Laurie and Michael. I played a little with Josh too. He's so sweet. 
We went to the church to move a few things.
We went to Barnes & Noble. Jordan and I both got a few things for the first time in a long time.
We came home.

What a great day. All day with Jordan. Very relaxing. Saw some great friends. Couldn't ask for a better day.