Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Phi Sigma Pi!!

I was invited to join Phi Sigma Pi because of my GPA. I went to an informational meeting about it tonight and I REALLY enjoyed myself. Everyone was so nice and down to earth. It is a co-ed honors fraternity.

Interesting facts: Even girls in a co-ed fraternity is called a brother. Phi Sigma Pi is the oldest fraternity on campus.

I met a "brother" who happens to be a girl tonight and we are going to work out tomorrow at the gym. I'm excited. Yay for new friends :)

Plans have changed:
Friday - staying here
Saturday - Wmsbg for Kirby's shower
Sunday - Stay for church at CrossWalk and then go to Nanny's house to visit
Monday - Come back

I SUBBED TODAY! Yay! I made 40 dollars and I had fun. I missed subbing at Christ's Covenant. Everyone there is so nice and I actually talked a lot with one of the other teachers. I feel so social! :)

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  1. YEAH!! Glad you were able to sub!!! Enjoy your weekend!