Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's stressful to be creative...

Today, I decided to do centers with my kids. Yikes! That's all I did all day during my off time is finish up those centers. It's been really fun, though. The kids got excited about them and enjoyed doing the activities. Hopefully, they will learn a lot from these centers! We'll know after their test on Fridays.

Report cards came out today. They are finally finished!! Whoo hoo!

Tonight, I'm going to get a haircut and then work out!! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

That's So Silly!

I've been thinking a lot about ways to feel more healthy, well balanced and fulfilled. Since setting and trying to achieve some goals, I've done well and not so well, but even though I haven't been perfect at it, I feel happier. I think it helps to give yourself some grace as long as you are moving in the general direction you want to go. This week, I have been laughing more. 

Here's a SILLY story from school that made my kids really laugh: So, we're reading this book about American history and God's role in shaping our nation. (It's a really good book - The Light and the Glory.) As wonderful as it is, it is NOT a silly or funny story. HOWEVER, when your teacher adds mistakes in, it livens up a lesson. Sometimes I read sections of the book just to speed everything up. This particular day I started reading quickly and I read "The soldiers were FARTING and marching," instead of "fighting and marching."

I'm sure you can imagine the uncontrollable laughter coming from my 8 and 9 year olds. It was fun. :) Everyone needs to laugh at themselves occasionally.  

How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions?

Here is the list of mine (so I can keep up!) and the updates.
 1. Work out 12 times a month - 3 times a week! (I have only worked out 5 days this month so far, but I've done a lot of house cleaning. That counts... right?)
2. Read through the Bible (Read almost every night so far. I've made up the days I've missed! :) Last year I only stuck with it for four days!)
3. Go on one date a month with Jordan - It has to be out of the realm of what we usually do... something creative. (Um... not yet!)
4. Leave work before 5PM every day. (Err... I started off great, but I've been bad lately. Report cards ARE coming out though...)
5. Be early to EVERYTHING. (uh, no.)
6. Get the mail situation under control. (nope.)
7. Craft at least once a month - stress relief!!! :) (Yessss! I LOVE CRAFTS!!)
8. Invite one person to church each month. (Not yet.)
9. Eat at least 2 servings of fruits and veggies every day. (I'm doing better at it.)
10. Drink at least 4 cups of water everyday. (I know this isn't the full recommended amount, but it's still a step up for me!) (I've been close everyday.)
11. Complete lesson plans at least a week ahead - all Monday lesson plans are done this Monday for next Monday. (stress relief!!) (Uh, no. But I have been doing better...)
12. Have one coffee date every two weeks with a girlfriend. (at least!) (I probably have even though I haven't been seeking out friends just for this. By the way, the Coffee Shack is LOVELY. It is so relaxing. Charity and I knitted over there the other day and it was so much fun. They have comfy couches!)

Hopefully, these things will help me begin to have a more well rounded, healthy, and happy life. What are your goals for 2012?

Ooooh! Mom came to dinner last night! She actually came to MY house. If you don't know how amazing this is, put it in this context: my parents divorced when I was in high school. Mom came to my high school graduation, but I didn't know her very well any more because she wasn't living near us anymore. She moved to Colorado to live with her (new) husband. She came to my wedding although I didn't really get to spend much time with her. She missed my college graduation because her husband was sick. She's said she would get together with me other times while she was in the area (which is not often), but for some reason it didn't happen. So, to make a long story short, I've seen my mom a total of MAYBE 10 times in the last 9 years (or so). She had never seen my house, until last night, even though we've been married 4 years. I've been wanting to spend time with her for a long time, but it was very hard since she was in Colorado. She moved out to Wilson, NC last month. It's kind of a random place, but I like that it's close to me! Any way, we had a wonderful dinner and we introduced mom and Mark to BrrrBerry! :) Yay! I hope we do it again soon!

Guess what? Next week, I turn 25!! 2/2 :) I also get to go to Savannah, GA with many of my favorite people. We're staying Wednesday to Sunday. We've been the last 3 or 4 years in a row and we always have a great time visiting with our friends and spending time with the staff!

Also, we're going to Japan for at least 3 weeks this summer. We may also be going to Hawaii for a week (if we can save up money) and Florida for a week for the North American Christian Convention at Disney. It's going to be a great summer!!!