Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Phi Sigma Pi!!

I was invited to join Phi Sigma Pi because of my GPA. I went to an informational meeting about it tonight and I REALLY enjoyed myself. Everyone was so nice and down to earth. It is a co-ed honors fraternity.

Interesting facts: Even girls in a co-ed fraternity is called a brother. Phi Sigma Pi is the oldest fraternity on campus.

I met a "brother" who happens to be a girl tonight and we are going to work out tomorrow at the gym. I'm excited. Yay for new friends :)

Plans have changed:
Friday - staying here
Saturday - Wmsbg for Kirby's shower
Sunday - Stay for church at CrossWalk and then go to Nanny's house to visit
Monday - Come back

I SUBBED TODAY! Yay! I made 40 dollars and I had fun. I missed subbing at Christ's Covenant. Everyone there is so nice and I actually talked a lot with one of the other teachers. I feel so social! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gabe Collage

Exie, I found this picture and decided to play with it on that website. Thought I'd share it... :)

Craft Pictures :)

Decorations for Exie's Church's Toddler Room

"We Love Jesus" - We used watered down acrylic paints on banner paper and then cut them out.

Then we made pictures with each of the student's names

A mosaic that I made (with a little bit of help from Exie :))

Wine Glasses - Monogrammed - they will spell out CLARK but I only have CLA so far :)

Soon, I will take pictures of the scrapbook pages that I did today. They came out really well. Thanks for all of your help Amy, Ivy, and Eugina (sp?) :)

Here is my next project:

Also, Exie told me about this great picture editing site called I can't believe I have gone all this time without using it!! I can't wait to play around on it and its FREE!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What?! IT'S 2009?!

Haha. Isn't that weird? 2009.

In 2009, I plan to:
-Get good grades (again :))
-Get scholarships
-Try new crafts that I haven't done before
-Attend a few women's ministry things at the church
-Learn to cook a few more meals
-Really TRY HARD to do Weight Watchers - I keep doing it and then stopping. I have seen results and I just need to stay motivated.
-Lose 50 pounds to get to my goal weight
-Get out of credit card debt and stay that way
-Visit VA friends more often. I miss them so much. Brianna, Kirby and Obie especially :(
-Go to the French Film Festival with Liz
-See Mom (she lives in CO)
-Build up some savings
-Babysit whenever I can to bring in extra money
-Make new friends here

I was invited to rush a fraternity this semester because of my good grades. It is Phi Sigma Pi. I'm not sure if I will have time for it, but it sounds nice. I am going to an informational meeting next week about it.


Did you know?
Jordan is going to be in like five weddings this year. It's going to be very exciting!!!

So... I'll update you guys on a few things:

MARLEY & ME: Lauren loaned this book to me and I'm excited to read it! I have read the first few chapters and hope to finish it soon.

PAINTING: Desi and Jared have offered to let me paint their living room (and get paid!) :) So I'll be working on that the next few weeks in my spare time.

BABYSITTING: I only have 3 days lined up this ENTIRE month! I'm so nervous... I really need to work more than that. If you know anyone that needs a sitter, please give them my name.

FACE PAINTING: I am going to really start giving out business cards for face painting. Please contact me if you are interested in having a face painter at a birthday party or if you have a friend who needs a face painter.

CRAFTING: I have been doing so much lately. I've made: a mosaic with Exie, decorations for Exie's toddler room, monogrammed wine glasses (are almost finished - they will spell out CLARK), working on an afghan (crocheting it)
** I will be putting pictures up soon **
Sassy Scrappers is having a craft weekend this weekend. I will only be able to go to Saturday, but I'm excited :)

-BATH: Sunday night to visit family and had a good time.
-WILLIAMSBURG: We visited Williamsburg on Monday because it was our ANNIVERSARY!! :) YAY! We went to Colonial Williamsburg and ate at the Cheese Shop (where we had our first date). We took our one year old frozen cake and ate it for dessert after our delicious sandwiches. Then we went to see Kirby and got our haircuts. JORDAN HAS A FAUX HAWK! It's freakin' awesome. I just got a trim.
-MASSANUTTEN: Jordan and I went up Monday after stopping in Williamsburg. We had a good time with dad and got to visit with Jessi and Wyatt a little bit on Wednesday. The only terrible thing about it was that JORDAN AND I HAD TO SLEEP IN SEPARATE BEDS. It was TERRIBLE. The beds were so uncomfortable and my back hurts so bad!!! We felt like Lucy & Ricky from I Love Lucy. Hahaha.