Saturday, January 10, 2009

Craft Pictures :)

Decorations for Exie's Church's Toddler Room

"We Love Jesus" - We used watered down acrylic paints on banner paper and then cut them out.

Then we made pictures with each of the student's names

A mosaic that I made (with a little bit of help from Exie :))

Wine Glasses - Monogrammed - they will spell out CLARK but I only have CLA so far :)

Soon, I will take pictures of the scrapbook pages that I did today. They came out really well. Thanks for all of your help Amy, Ivy, and Eugina (sp?) :)

Here is my next project:

Also, Exie told me about this great picture editing site called I can't believe I have gone all this time without using it!! I can't wait to play around on it and its FREE!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! :o) I am enjoying getting to know you more through our Sassy Scrappers! :o) I love the wine glasses!!