Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upper Respiratory Infection

So I've felt like crap the past few days... postnasal drip, sore throat, hard to swallow, exausted, ear aches... I didn't think that they could treat me but I went to the doctor anyway just to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. The doctor said it was and Upper Respiratory Infection and I just have to go buy a cold medicine from the drug store. That was a little disappointing. But she said it should be over in a few days. 

The good news? My doctors appt. was free because I went to Student Health Services. I had no clue they were free there!

The bad news? I won't get much rest between school and babysitting. I still have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning and I have a few assignments to work on tonight. Yuck.

I have my first exam next week. I'm scared. I have to read 3 whole chapters in my PSYC book before next Tuesday and know what is covered in those chapters.

I have a few cool assignments this semester:
  • Research project for PSYC - I chose to research prenatal nutrition and meal planning. I have to make a seven day menu for a pregnant woman and research the things that she should be eating. I have to present a powerpoint in class on this subject.
  • Research project for my Special Education class - I have to watch a movie about someone with a disability and present the information about the disability that I saw to the class.
  • Another research project for SPED - Research Autism with my group of four other people and teach our class about it using a powerpoint presentation.
Well I should go work on one of the five assignments due in the next week. Does anyone know how to set your blog so it notifies you when someone makes a comment? It's hard to keep track of the ones I've seen and the ones that I haven't. I knew how to do it on xanga.

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  1. Hey, I hope you feel better. Do you need anything?? I have a good video on a child with down syndrome if you are intereted for your project.