Monday, September 1, 2008

Awesome Labor Day

I had today off! I wasn't expecting to but I talked to the family that I babysit for and they were like "Oh, yeah. We're both off work so you don't have to come." So I was really excited to find that out (even if it does mean less income). 

So here's how today went:

Slept in til 9ish
Watched the last two episodes of House Season 4 - IT WAS AMAZING! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Read a chapter out of my SPED book and my ELEM book.
My best friend in VA decided to call me randomly and say Hey... that made me happy!
Went to Notes to chat with Marc about being Jordan's manager for his gigging and whatnot. (which is really exciting)
We went to Jersey Mikes for a snack and got a free sandwich thanks to a friend at church who gave us a filled up frequent buyer card.
We went to the Pittman's for dinner. We had delicious cheeseburgers and CHEESE CAKE!! Mmmm. And we had so much fun just talking with Laurie and Michael. I played a little with Josh too. He's so sweet. 
We went to the church to move a few things.
We went to Barnes & Noble. Jordan and I both got a few things for the first time in a long time.
We came home.

What a great day. All day with Jordan. Very relaxing. Saw some great friends. Couldn't ask for a better day.


  1. We're doing good, how about you guys? How's married life? It goes by fast, this December will be two years for us and I can't believe it. Sometimes I hesitate when people ask how long it's been because I can't keep up with time. Or maybe I just have a horrible memory. :) Take care!

  2. Hey, send me an email soon. I've been trying to get Jordan to respond about having the entire praise band over for dinner, but he hasn't responded. Also, we need to get together in the near future.

  3. Hey Thanks for checking on the dinner w/ the praise band. BTW: Let's wait on our dinner until I am moving a bit better.