Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello Friends!

Just thought that I would update since it HAS been a month :)

I am in summer school at ECU so that I can graduate next May. I am taking three classes each semester and so far, it seems like it is going to be chaos! I am expected to spend 25 hours each week for each course! Dude. I hope I can do it!

I am pet sitting for Ivy. This is the first time that I have ever done this but I'm enjoying it. It is nice to see Ivy also :)

Budget-This month Jordan and I are trying to stick to a strict budget. So far, I think we've flopped. We started using envelopes and then moved away from them and just got receipts to put in the envelopes and now I don't even know what we're doing. I just have a pile of receipts. The good news is that I will have an OK idea of what we have been spending and where after this month because I can look at all of the receipts!

Funeral-We had a Celebration of Life for my Great Uncle Bubba on Tuesday night. It was nice and there was lots of yummy food afterwards. I was really happy to get to spend time with my family that I don't get to see very often. I got to see my nephew and my sister, dad, mom, grandma, cousins, aunts, uncles.... It was really nice.

Beach-Yesterday, I went to the beach with Jean (Aunt), Leilah (Cousin), Adam (Cousin), Jessi (Sister), Wyatt (Nephew), April (Cousin), Donna and her two kids (Jessi's Friends). It was really fun. I miss my cousins :(

Oh! My sunburn is peeling! Yuck! It has been so long since I have gotten a sunburn that I forgot what it was like. I definitely hate this. I will be a religious sun screen user now. (P.S. Is it possible to get tan when using sunscreen? Anyone know?)


  1. no you just have to use a lower spf.

  2. I usually wear either SPF 8 or SPF 14 and still get a pretty good tan in the summer. Even Silas, who we put SPF 30 on, is already starting to get brown. But...we are outside alot. I think we also have skin that is more prone to browning than reddening. Guess it depends on your skin type.