Thursday, December 11, 2008


No school.
No work (consistently anyways).

I don't have to wake up tomorrow until I feel like it. I am going to get the house cleaned tomorrow. I'm very excited.

I'm also excited about the Christmas play this weekend because that will take even more stress away. I wish Jordan was getting the break I am. Please be praying for him. He has so much on his plate with the three jobs and money being tight. I will be able to help out a lot more, now that I don't have to study all of the time, but he is still very overwhelmed.

Grades so far...
ELEM 3236 A
ELEM 3235 A
ART 3850 A
MATE 3050 A
MATE 3051 A
SPED 2000 A
EXSS 1000 A
PSYC 3206 A

UPDATE: Yes, folks. That's a 4.0 GPA. Thank you very much ;)

MATE 3051 and ELEM 3236 are practicum classes. It looks like I had a whole lot of classes but here is how many credit hours they are each worth:
ELEM 3236 1
ELEM 3235 4
ART 3850 3
MATE 3050 3
MATE 3051 1
SPED 2000 2
EXSS 1000 1
PSYC 3206 3

Yep, that's 18 credit hours. And hopefully I got all As. And as far as I can tell, I'm not dead yet :) I survived ANOTHER semester :) whoo hooo!!

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