Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tired but productive...

Today I went to the school from 11-3 and I put up my math meeting board, cleared off two pods of desks, sorted many materials, found a home for many things that were just sitting around, and I set up another "shelving unit" - a shoe holder I brought from home :) I got a lot done and I can't wait for my room to be just right. It's coming along very well :)

Laura, the other second grade teacher, and I bought showerboard today at Lowe's for dry erase boards. Out of one $11.87 piece, we got 48 7"x8" boards and 2 large ones for us to use with small groups. Can you believe it? What a good deal! I want to test them out tomorrow. I think they will work just fine :)

I have worked out a LOT this week! I'm so proud of myself :) Here is what I have done so far:

Sun - 3.2 mi. walk
Mon - 3.2 mi. walk
Tues - 16 mins elliptical, About 1.5 hrs doing machines, 30 mins at Zumba (SOOOOO much fun!)
Wed - 3.2 mi. walk
Thurs (today) - REST! (well, I'm going swimming but I doubt it will be intense)

I plan to:
Fri - Babysit ALLLLLL day - first for Josh and Julianna (a lot of running around will be involved) and then for twins, their younger sibling and older sibling - I think that counts for something.
Sat - Weekend Warrior Water Aerobics at Viquest (9:30am) and possible walking
Sun - Weight Machine Circuit and maybe swim

Jordan and I have really been making healthier choices. I hope we can keep it up this time!!

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